• Pool Equipment Replacement

  • New Equipment Additions (Salt System, etc. )

  • Automatic Chemical Feeder Replacement

  • Automatic Pool Cleaner Repair 

  • Automatic Pool Cleaner Replacement - all types

  • Replacement Vinyl Pool Liner

  • Pool Safety Cover Replacement

  • Automatic Pool Cover Repair

  • Automatic Pool Cover Material Replacement

  • Retro-Fit Automatic Pool Cover New Installation

  • Seasonal Pool Opening

  • Seasonal Pool Winterizing


New Inground Pool Construction 

Butterfield Color Chart for Colored Concrete

"ATTENTION! The color chart link below is to demonstrate range of colors available and are not to be used to select colors based on how they are viewed on a computer display."


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Additional Services We Offer

Inground swimming pools come in various types of installation. Gunite, the Hybrid (fiberglass walls, concrete bottom), one piece Fiberglass, and the Vinyl Liner Pool.

Due to the tremendous popularity and affordability, the vinyl liner pool has become the staple which our customers choose to install for the past two decades. In addition, the vinyl liner pool is a good fit for our Midwest area and climate. 

 This type of pool is an extremely well built pool with steel walls, a concrete type floor, which is entirely covered with a precision fit sturdy vinyl liner. Town & Country Pools, LLC, prides itself in providing only quality construction through every aspect of building your pool.

There are many ways to cut corners building a pool. And cutting corners makes for more profit for a pool company. 

Fortunately, there are still companies that just want to do things right. All of the time. And that is who we are, and have been, since 1973. 

We simply choose to not cut corners during construction. We choose to build for quality end results. And, we choose to construct with only top quality materials, including finishing the pool with top quality pool equipment and vinyl liners.

Because, after all, do you want a great pool? Or one that's just "ok"?

The vinyl liner pool has dozens of liner patterns and colors from light to dark to select from to reflect your own personal preference and taste! You can even choose a pattern that will even reflect the color of pool water you'd prefer, such as aqua blue, deep blue, light blue, clear, etc.)

We offer a multitude of options and upgrades from automatic pressure vacuum cleaners, extreme slides, deck jets, multiple types of water features, stamped - colored concrete for your deck, automatic pool covers, commercial grade pool games such as the very popular volleyball and basketball sets, and much, much, more, to let your vision come true!

Give us a call and we will be delighted to talk to you further about building your backyard dream oasis! 

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