Coverstar Automatic Pool Cover

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Good news!  The majority of Coverstar Automatic Pool Covers we have installed over the last twelve or so years are during our new pool construction. However, since this  type of cover has exploded in popularity the past decade or so, it  is becoming a mainstream option not only on new inground pool installations, but with pools that were built many years ago before this type of cover was around. Some of our longtime customers are thrilled to discover that they too can add this type of cover as a retro-fit!

We have installed retro-fit covers for some of older pool installations, and once again, our customers have no regrets! Simply pressing a toggle switch to open or close your pool! It just can't get any easier! 

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The backyard swimming pool is the ultimate source of family fun. Safety for children and pets at all times is a source of concern, since no parent can be watching over the pool every single minute of the day or night. 

That's where a Coverstar automatic pool cover can be your strong protection - at a touch of a button! Simply flip a switch to securely cover your pool to create a barrier that no child or pet can penetrate. The control switch box can even be locked with a key, so no one is able to open the cover of the pool without permission. 

There are many benefits to an automatic pool cover besides the safety factor. 

Save on heating your pool - 

The cover acts as a passive solar heater, increasing the temperature of the pool by 8-10 degrees. Also, when used in conjunction with a pool heater, you can easily add another month or more to the start and the same to the end of the pool season. Heat your pool up and by simply closing your pool overnight, the cover will help retain the heat, thus reducing up to 70% pool heating costs.   

Less time cleaning your pool - 

An automatic cover keeps dirt and debris out of your pool, plus helps reduce pool water evaporation by 90%. 

Cover also serves as your off season winter pool cover - 

Outdoor pools in our Midwest climate must be winterized, and that means they'll need to be covered over winter.

The automatic cover is your winter cover as well. So weigh in the cost of a good Latham safety cover option as part of the money saved by rolling that cost as part of the auto cover cost instead!