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​​​Safety Cover Type Options: 

There are three covers types. Lowest cost to highest are -  

MESH -            

                           Pro - Least expensive of the three types.

                           Con- Allows sunlight, rain, snow melt, and dirt to                                       enter the pool. Observance of the pool                                             water level is important and you must pump                                     out excess water if necessary. Spring                                               opening typically involves more time, effort,                                       and money to clear water due to sunlight                                         allowing algae growth.  


                             Pro- Protects pool from sunlight. This cover has                                        a small drain in the center of the pool which                                      allows some rainfall, snow melt, and small                                        amount of dirt enter the pool. However,                                            seasonally closing your pool with clear and                                      balanced water will result in less effort                                              getting your pool water ready upon                                                    seasonal opening.

​                             Con- It is a better cover, therefore, it is a bit                                              more expensive than mesh. Drain hole can                                      allow some water to enter pool off-season,                                        so you must be observant of water level off                                      season. Cover is heavier than mesh cover.


                             Pro - This is the top of the line for pool safety                                             covers. This cover is solid as well, but                                               without a drain hole. It comes with an                                               automatic pump that sits on top of the                                               cover, and will automatically pump off                                               excess rain and snow melt. No water                                                 should enter the pool. At seasonally                                                 opening, a pool closed in the fall with clear,                                       balanced water and vacuumed, will result                                         in the easiest opening at spring time! 

                             Con- This cover, of course, costs slightly more. 

The top two choices of covers our customers choose are either   solid with drain, or solid with pump. Once in a great while, a customer chooses mesh. More often than not, when it comes to replacement of the safety cover, they do not choose mesh again. They will choose a solid that involves less work for them in spring. 

Solid safety covers are offered in BLUE or GREEN colors. 

There are several types of winter covers for your inground pool. The least expensive, but most dangerous, however, is a tarp cover held down in place by sand bags or water bags. Cheap way to cover for sure, but it is extremely dangerous to people and animals should they accidentally fall into the pool.  We absolutely DO NOT recommend using this type of covering! 

We choose to offer only safety covers by LATHAM. We believe wholly in "you get what you pay for". That is why we choose to install and sell only high quality products over lesser quality products, that are in reality, are typically false bargains. Protect your investment with superior pool protection with a Latham cover. 


A  popular, SAFE, and extremely effective pool cover, is the safety cover. This type of cover is more expensive than a tarp cover, but it will give you complete piece of mind for safety, will last for years before needing replaced, plus it make spring pool opening much easier. 

 The safety cover offers three types to choose between.

Mesh, Solid with Drain, and Solid with Pump. 

All three safety cover types are installed by anchors that are drilled into the pool deck. During pool season, the anchors are flush with the deck. At closing time, the anchors pop up, and the cover is held tight to the anchors with cover springs. Safety Covers come in stock sizes, and also can be made custom fit to fit any shape of pool from kidney to free form type pools.​

Latham Safety Covers 

The type of cover that is increasingly more popular for the last several years for THE type of cover for new pool construction,  or retro-fit for existing pools, is the AUTOMATIC POOL COVER!

We have DOZENS of customers that love this cover and they tell us that although this type of cover is quite expensive, they have zero regrets choosing this option and would do so again! 

Check it out on our Automatic Pool Cover Page